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North Carolina Court Records

How to Find North Carolina Court Records | CourtReference.com

Court Records and Cases in North Carolina. Court Reference shows where and how to find court cases in North Carolina. County by county listing of all ...


Craven County (North Carolina) Court Records

Craven County (North Carolina) Court RecordsPhotographs taken Sept. 21, 1892, in Raleigh, North Carolina of sections of the minutes of the Court of ...


Swain County North Carolina Court Directory | CourtReference...

Swain County court record and case directory. Court Reference shows where and how to find court cases in Swain County. Listing of all trial courts in ...


North Carolina Higher-Court Records, 1702-1708

North Carolina Highe.Court Records, 170.1708doi:10.2307/2206021Nannie M. TilleyWilliam S. PriceJournal of Southern History...


North Carolina Higher-Court Records, 1670-1696by Mattie Erma...

North Carolina Highe.Court Records, 167.1696by Mattie Erma Edwards Parkerdoi:10.2307/2205770Journal of Southern HistoryReview by: Nannie M. Tilley...


North Carolina Higher-Court Records, 1670-1696

North Carolina Highe.Court Records, 167.1696doi:10.2307/1925141Herbert A. JohnsonMattie Erma Edwards ParkerNeal W. AllenWilliam & Mary Quarterly...


North Carolina Higher-Court Records, 1697-1701by Mattie Erma...

North Carolina Highe.Court Records, 169.1701by Mattie Erma Edwards Parkerdoi:10.2307/1854035American Historical ReviewReview by: Joseph H. Smith...